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4 stones of wisdom for being a 'Remembered Successful' human & (your title of choice)

                                                                 Photo by  Austin Kehmeier  on  Unsplash       I want to be a 'remembered success' by people by whom I pass by in my life and when reflecting upon those people whom I remember and were successful, I believe the major 4 things they all did were -  1.  Detachment - We all live in a society where we work, either for capital gains or for personal fulfillment; where we eat, sleep, speak, etc to remain in the present society or move in a 'better' one and thus we should always remember our destinations and ways we can cut short the time to reach there. In this process, we should stop being attached to objects/persons and should rather focus on the work /skills they possess which can help and guide us to move forward. Detachment does not mean not being in the social scene, rather it means not being attached to all the luxuries which we are using to reach our goal. For example, I am presently drafting a business pla

Truffle or Brownie? Maybe Truffle! No No, Brownies Please!!

I am kind of obsessed with these as they are healthy(in a desert sort of way) and not too sweet and very adaptable at all stages. So let's say we don't have pistachios then we can replace them with any topping available and so & so as you go along. Be creative, please! Cooking is the perfect union of science and creativity and thus should not be taken too literary and absolute at any phase and having fun should be the only goal.  Well let us start with the base of chocolate truffle/brownie and then we can tweak the recipe in the final stages depending upon our mood to eat either chocolate truffle or chocolate brownie. 1. One cup of instant oats (Quaker, unprocessed, the regular kind) 2.  One cup of roasted almonds (whole) 3. 1 /3 cup cocoa powder  4. Blend  all three in the food processor until you get a pretty fine flour and then sieve it (just to have no unevenness  and it also kinds of sounds chefy!). 5. Meanwhile, soak four dates in 1/3 cup very hot wa

'Organ Theory' - The Game Changer

I recently came across a very beautiful concept which I am calling as  ' Organ Theory ' and it made me question so many things and processes that we perform endlessly throughout our lives without pausing or questioning it. The 'organ' is the starting point of life-concept and what we fill or write after it decided our paths and experiences. If we fill 'ization' after it, making it 'organization' then it means that we are working in a system of charts and boxes and processes which were developed by someone else and based on some fixed parameters we are to perform and thus are judged accordingly. By the very nature 'organizations' is that which someone developed and figured it out and thus has to approve all of its proposed changes.  After all it's 'organized'. While if we fill 'ism' after the 'organ', then we will have a wholly different concept and style called 'organism' which is ever evolving and con

IA & AoU: New paths in old forest

IA stands for information architecture and AoU is architects of understanding. Both are equivalent terms because to build IA successfully, you need AoU as your qualifications. In simple terms, IA is about helping people understand the world around them and help them find what they are looking for, both in the physical as well as the online world. AoU helps people to understand where they are, what they have found, what to expect, and what is around them. Designers, engineers, coders, almost everyone are functioning as AoU and using IA to fulfill their purpose in their environment, whether making most of it or not is the question to ask.  When used in the best fashion, IA will help in highlighting you in a big crowd, along with helping those in need of your product get better service leading to lifelong customer- friends and ever-growing demand of your venture, thus making it a success. With ever-shortening of our attention span, we need to convey the most relevant informatio