'Organ Theory' - The Game Changer

I recently came across a very beautiful concept which I am calling as  'Organ Theory' and it made me question so many things and processes that we perform endlessly throughout our lives without pausing or questioning it. The 'organ' is the starting point of life-concept and what we fill or write after it decided our paths and experiences.

If we fill 'ization' after it, making it 'organization' then it means that we are working in a system of charts and boxes and processes which were developed by someone else and based on some fixed parameters we are to perform and thus are judged accordingly. By the very nature 'organizations' is that which someone developed and figured it out and thus has to approve all of its proposed changes.  After all it's 'organized'.

While if we fill 'ism' after the 'organ', then we will have a wholly different concept and style called 'organism' which is ever evolving and constantly changing to adapt towards its environment. Organisms by their very nature go through cell development, dying and replacement. It also undergoes remodeling and changing according to its current habitat otherwise it will become extinct.

Now it's upto us where we want to work- with an 'organization' which is structured and rigid or with an 'organism' instead which changes and adapts according to its habitat and environmental conditions.

And of course, we all know that 'organisms' tend to be more resilient than 'organizations' in the long run. Decide where you belong eventually and choose the fillers 'ization' or 'ism' accordingly.

Choose or be chosen is the norm and at-last the choice is always yours even when it is not.


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