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What Matters Most ? : 3 Words, Principles & Path and Better Questions

We can change the way we get things we want(path) or we can change what we want(destination). Both paths are available. It is one's own choice of whether one wants to become Jeff Bezos(changes the way people buy what they want) or Nelson Mandela(changes the way people think and their choices). Choose your own mission and work accordingly. Idiosyncrasy, abundance and generosity replaces the mindset of scarcity and removes grudge, envy and resentment from our lives.  When we learn to understand first principles instead of gaming the process, one can work with it forever. In the fight of the process Vs. the outcome, learn to appreciate the process and work hard in it to generate the desired outcome.  Do not blame the referee , train one's team harder.   Always ask oneself the question that w hat could one do today that would matter a year from now? Learn to ask yourself 'better' questions with each passing moment as their answers is our progress-