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Conscious Conversations

Recently I watched a video of Jeffrey Allen where he talks about how with a simple pre-conversation exercise we can communicate highly effectively and steer conversations in our chosen direction. The practice basically is to imagine the person with whom you have to speak with in front of you, either with your eyes closed or eyes open and have the conversation( without out-worldly speaking/loudly speaking, of-course)  with the desired result at the back of your mind. When you go and do have that conversation, it will feel repetitive and you will have more confidence, clarity and surety of the outcome which will in turn affect your non-verbal clues like body language, making the listener more relaxed and open toward your ideas.I have seen results when I do this exercise at my home as well as at workplace. If nothing else, it definitely helps in improving surrounding environment tremendously. Try it, you will definitely see the difference, I Have. Thank You

Krulak's Law

I have always been fascinated with people and their various reactions and thinking processes from my childhood days. My favorite hobby is in fact what is popularly called as 'people watching'. There is some weird sense of mesmerizing power which one feels when they watch unguarded reactions of people and in lieu get a small glimpse of their private world. As I grew up and started interacting with various people around me, I realized that to grow professionally I have to rely on people who would work with me and have to trust them to do their job to the best of their abilities. Well let me tell you this reads simple but it is, in fact, a great test of patience and faith and thus I am always on a lookout for tools which help in people management.   I recently came across Krulak's law in Seth Godin's blog and it resonated with me.  The law states " The closer you get to the front, the more power you have over the brand ".    In this law 'brand

Just Decide - More Data Or Time Doesn't Mean More Certainty

I believe from the past 10 years I have developed a tendency to over analyze my every decision which has slowed down my growth speed and made me fall into the analysis paralysis trap. I have come to believe that one does not need more time or more data to come to a 'Right' decision, we only need more certainty and confidence in ourselves. Most of the time we have more data than needed to come to a decision and what holds us back is a lack of self-belief and self-confidence in ourselves to back our choices, which unfortunately we cannot buy or source from outside. I have come to the conclusion that  'Moving' means going forward and 'Pausing' means going backward in life, irrespective of whether our decisions yield desired results because you see, not making a decision is like moving in a reverse direction relative to the world racing forward. So my dearests, I will, from now on make quick and informed decisions with what is available to me without wa