Just Decide - More Data Or Time Doesn't Mean More Certainty

I believe from the past 10 years I have developed a tendency to over analyze my every decision which has slowed down my growth speed and made me fall into the analysis paralysis trap.

I have come to believe that one does not need more time or more data to come to a 'Right' decision, we only need more certainty and confidence in ourselves.

Most of the time we have more data than needed to come to a decision and what holds us back is a lack of self-belief and self-confidence in ourselves to back our choices, which unfortunately we cannot buy or source from outside.

I have come to the conclusion that  'Moving' means going forward and 'Pausing' means going backward in life, irrespective of whether our decisions yield desired results because you see, not making a decision is like moving in a reverse direction relative to the world racing forward.

So my dearests, I will, from now on make quick and informed decisions with what is available to me without wasting my time and uphold myself with confidence. Moving forward, deciding on a path, a choice between two roads has to be made in every aspect of our life as this is the definition of Living.

Choose, decide and back yourself with all the certainty and confidence of the world, failures and success are just a part of the inhale-exhale mechanism.

Be Certain and Confident

Thank You


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