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Simple is Solution

There are 2 things which has recently made my life difficult,  Security theater  and  security superstition. Security theater are measures taken to feel more secure and demonstrate authority and power, whereas security superstition is putting security measures on hunch or because others are doing to make system more secure.  Well both are unnecessary and tiresome and make life more difficult. The 'Neighbor Effect' of these measures causes ripples in all aspect of our life. Putting 4 locks in house, triple checking the buttons, counting calories at every step; regret regret regret at every turn of life if the road was not traveled at-least 3 times.  Yeah, we have programmed ourselves to be repetitive robots making living complicated. IT SHOULD NOT BE SO. Simple solutions are often the most needed ones and make life more pleasurable. So I have started to simplify my life, taking each step in the day to serve a purpose and not be repeated just for feeling good or on a

Spec,Freelancing & Mediocrity- Let Us Combine Them And Serve a New Dish

Spec is a word which I recently discovered by accident. I came across a random sentence which said it is better to spec than hope for success and I thought wait a minute, doesn't 'spec' is short for specification? Well I did what we all do in today's day and age- called googled to help me out.  And I discovered that yes, although spec is used in place of specification, but 'spec' is also a very beautiful noun which means '  in the hope of success but without any specific plan or instructions'. Well don't we all need a little bit of spec-shower in our lives to deal with all the stress and anxiety in which we surround ourselves! We should plan as much as we are able to, while leaving ample space for unexpected magic and pleasant surprises in our lives, kind of like amateur-baking!!! Well I believe freelancing is a synonym of spec as it is neither easy and stable nor prestigious and structured when compared to actual job. It is kind of l