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First Post Greeting

Well, I have always started new things with lots of energy, analysis, and determination of being consistent and following through till its completion but always left the ventures before it even reached its mid-way mark. Over time I started realizing that this aspect of my behavior is starting to reflect in all spheres of my life and is hampering my growth and preventing me to reach my full potential. We as humans are curious species and after discovering a problem, we always go in search of its solution. This blog which I stared in 2013, abandoned it, come back to it in 2017, revamped it and again left it after some time shows my attitude problem, for which I believe this blog itself is my solution. I believe that with me being consistent and regular on it will impact the way I handle repetitive actions in my everyday life. I have deleted all my previous posts except the introductory post presented below which is my 'introduction' blog-post from the past. From no