Spec,Freelancing & Mediocrity- Let Us Combine Them And Serve a New Dish

Spec is a word which I recently discovered by accident. I came across a random sentence which said it is better to spec than hope for success and I thought wait a minute, doesn't 'spec' is short for specification? Well I did what we all do in today's day and age- called googled to help me out. 
And I discovered that yes, although spec is used in place of specification, but 'spec' is also a very beautiful noun which means ' in the hope of success but without any specific plan or instructions'. Well don't we all need a little bit of spec-shower in our lives to deal with all the stress and anxiety in which we surround ourselves!
We should plan as much as we are able to, while leaving ample space for unexpected magic and pleasant surprises in our lives, kind of like amateur-baking!!!

Well I believe freelancing is a synonym of spec as it is neither easy and stable nor prestigious and structured when compared to actual job. It is kind of like showing up to climb freehand a tall building without a safety net. You are responsible to account for all the variables and taken into the unknown factors to make your climb a success. To make it happen one cannot plan for each step on the way, we have to leave room for surprises, kind of like living a partial spec-life and leaving room for unexpected magic.

And at last mediocrity, the dreaded word for today's know-it-all and do-it-all generation.
Well whether we realize it or not, we majorly support mediocrity at all times of our life.
What is mediocrity? It is a process to decrease variability, to demand a fair product at a fair price or to work continuously to meet a specific set standards which leads to an average product or service. Average is not bad but is is also not exceptional. 
If you want exceptional product then you have to pay extra for it and also work creatively yo deliver it. The added risk, what I believe to be a choice is to keep some room for variables and be ready for some pleasant surprises, some 'Spec-Shower' in the project.

Well there you have it- spec, freelancing and mediocrity are what I am aiming for today in my life, no surety about what random words are going to sprout in my head tomorrow, after all I am living-life in a Spec with the courage of a freelancer and vehemently denying mediocrity as my companion.

Thank You


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