Krulak's Law

I have always been fascinated with people and their various reactions and thinking processes from my childhood days. My favorite hobby is in fact what is popularly called as 'people watching'.

There is some weird sense of mesmerizing power which one feels when they watch unguarded reactions of people and in lieu get a small glimpse of their private world.

As I grew up and started interacting with various people around me, I realized that to grow professionally I have to rely on people who would work with me and have to trust them to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Well let me tell you this reads simple but it is, in fact, a great test of patience and faith and thus I am always on a lookout for tools which help in people management.  

I recently came across Krulak's law in Seth Godin's blog and it resonated with me. 

The law states "The closer you get to the front, the more power you have over the brand".   

In this law 'brand' is a very subjective term and can be used in various situations.

There are very many examples where this is law is being highlighted in today's world, be it customer care which represents a brand's basic cultural value to its customers daily and significantly affects the business or be it student who is going through the literature and study material keenly, begins being more creative that the educator who is out of touch with the same resources. In both situations, we undervalue and under-appreciate the key point person and in turn affect our situations adversely.

I believe that we should start acknowledging these people irrespective of their education, cultural, economic or regional background because they will either make or break your hard work/business/course, etc.

Let us respect the people who are in direct point of contact than those who are miles behind the action line as one cannot survive without the other and both are equally important in this world.

Be kind and respectful to this world

Thank You


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