4 stones of wisdom for being a 'Remembered Successful' human & (your title of choice)

                                                                Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash     

I want to be a 'remembered success' by people by whom I pass by in my life and when reflecting upon those people whom I remember and were successful, I believe the major 4 things they all did were -

 1. Detachment- We all live in a society where we work, either for capital gains or for personal fulfillment; where we eat, sleep, speak, etc to remain in the present society or move in a 'better' one and thus we should always remember our destinations and ways we can cut short the time to reach there. In this process, we should stop being attached to objects/persons and should rather focus on the work /skills they possess which can help and guide us to move forward. Detachment does not mean not being in the social scene, rather it means not being attached to all the luxuries which we are using to reach our goal. For example, I am presently drafting a business plan for my startup and my goal is to help 3000 families by giving them employment in my company. For this to be possible I need my company to be successful and for that, I need to work hard, smart, and not reinvent the wheel. I should take all the help, pre-made templates available to me and grow from there. Being attached to every single process and considering it 'MINE' will make the journey very long and unnecessarily hard as building the company is not my Goal, running a successful company and providing employment (financial freedom) to 3000 families is my goal.

This is true in all spheres of life, whether it be personal life, family life, career life, etc. Just keep your goals in focus and narrow down your path by being detached and smart.

2. Judgment- I have come across people who are judging everyone all the time and believe me it gets tiring, there is nothing fresh about it. It makes one appear old and drained of life and joy if one is constantly judging and criticizing others. A person who has had a bad experience while driving may prefer to travel through public transport and judging him or her for their choices while being unaware of the 'why' is tragic. Almost each one of us does things in a certain way because of our experiences and thus discarding the history and judging the present is not a very attractive quality. I believe we should all always grant everyone their right to choice and in place judging always grant them a smile as people almost always want a smile, a kind word, or a hand up sooner than we think and for longer than we imagine.

3. Minimal viable audience concept - We sometimes believe that having a bigger circle of friends will grant us more social support or marketing all around the world will give us more clients and sales! Well it may be true in an ideal world but normally it is not exactly true and learning this lesson I believe sometimes takes the longest of time. What we need to realize is that quality matters over quantity every-time and globalization doesn't necessarily grant great success. After walking through both localized as well as global markets, I have come to realize that, what always works is having the right cluster of the audience who always show up and are with you regardless. Choosing the minimal viable audience concept requires one to find your cluster and overwhelm them with delight and magic. Choose the right cluster and showing up for them with their permission and solving their problems with respect and generosity would lead to the spreading of your ideas more successfully than proving a generic solution to the world. Sure we are all connected but the future is local.

4. Making a Decision - Freedom is the most difficult concept and usually one-way road where freedom of choice brings with it the realization that although our choices belong to us yet we cannot yield control over others' preferences. We can either choose to lead or follow, nothing more, nothing less. If my choice is to lead, then I should also be prepared to accept the weight of my choice (leadership), even (or especially) if I can’t actually control what others do. Thus me choosing to be a leader will not necessarily lead to others acknowledging me as their leader and following me, as every choice is a path and either one is not easy nor powerful than the other. So choose what you wish and not what is fashion or is being thought of as greater or important. You are the most important factor as you are the recipient as well as patron of the freedom of choice. 

I believe, to turn these knowledge stones over is the easy part, what will matter eventually is whether one uses them in their journey or not. Again being attached to them, judging who is not, incorporating all in one's life and forcing others to do the same(thinking you are their leader and hence know better) are not at all advised.

Take them with a grain of salt and a whole lot of freedom & judgment, and choose only those which enhance your current life and feel free to discard them when they don't serve you your purpose!  



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