IA & AoU: New paths in old forest

IA stands for information architecture and AoU is architects of understanding. Both are equivalent terms because to build IA successfully, you need AoU as your qualifications.
In simple terms, IA is about helping people understand the world around them and help them find what they are looking for, both in the physical as well as the online world. AoU helps people to understand where they are, what they have found, what to expect, and what is around them.

Designers, engineers, coders, almost everyone are functioning as AoU and using IA to fulfill their purpose in their environment, whether making most of it or not is the question to ask.
 When used in the best fashion, IA will help in highlighting you in a big crowd, along with helping those in need of your product get better service leading to lifelong customer- friends and ever-growing demand of your venture, thus making it a success.

With ever-shortening of our attention span, we need to convey the most relevant information and help our systems and surroundings find their needs and the solutions in an optimally fast fashion with IA  in all the spheres of our life to move forward towards fulfilling truest potential in all.


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